Spotlight Nonprofit: Coming to the rescue of cash-strapped families whose pets need critical care


LatinaLista — One of the most heart-wrenching signs of this sputtering economy is when families, forced to watch every penny, don’t have enough money to pay for critical medical care for the family pet. With veterinarian costs rivaling that of human medical care, many more families these days are reluctantly opting to put these family members to sleep.

The decision can be devastating to families that’s why a new non-profit wants to give these families another option for keeping their four-footed loved ones with them a little longer. Launched this week, the Buddy Care Foundation provides “Buddy Care Grants” of up to $1,000 that cover half of any medical procedure that a cash-strapped family can’t afford.

The grants only cover critical medical treatment for dogs and can only be applied for through the foundation’s website.

The non-profit was started by Brian Mayes whose shih-poo, Buddy, passed away in August 2011 at the age of 15. Plagued by many health ailments throughout his life, Buddy was fortunate that his family had enough money to pay for all his medications and treatment.

With the loss of Buddy, Mayes realized how much harder the death of the family pet is when money is the only reason standing between life and death.

Our goal is to help save the lives of loved and valued canine companions, so that no family has to make a decision to end a life due to financial hardship — Brian Mayes, Founder of Buddy Care Foundation