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Spotlight Non-profit: Site creates easy way for people to help loved ones in need

LatinaLista — One of the reasons that drove the Obama administration to push for health care reform was the fact that when serious illness confronts a working-class family, it isn’t long before that family finds themselves buried in debt.

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One of those families is the Baez family.

On August 6, 2010, Jose “Pepe” Baez was diagnosed with Large-cell neuroendocrine carcinoma (LCNEC); an aggressive form of non-small cell lung cancer. He is currently Stage 4 (which is terminal) and has undergone numerous treatments thus far. Due to this disease, Pepe had to limit his activities and workload in order to fully address this illness which has strained his finances in order to support his family (wife and 8 year old daughter).

For people like the Baez family, the only way to bring any money in would be through community fundraisers sponsored by friends and family. Yet, there is a site that allows people to share their stories of hardships and set up their own fundraising pages online.

At the site GiveForward, the Baez family, and anyone else needing to raise money for a worthy cause can set up a fundraiser page explaining the situation and asking for donations. The site lets users embed videos, upload photos and post regular updates.

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The Baez family

So far, the site has helped raise over $2,841,826 for medical fundraisers, nonprofit organizations, and other causes.

The Baez family has created The Pepe Foundation page at GiveForward to help raise money for Pepe Baez. The family’s goal is to raise $7,000, but to date they’ve only raised $435.00.

Considering that Pepe’s job was working as a car service driver, it’s not hard to imagine that he and his family will have a very bleak Christmas.

Our family is asking for your support to help our beloved Pepe Baez as he struggles in this fight. Your contributions will go towards assisting his family meet their basic needs while he attempts in returning to work at his full capacity. The Baez Family will greatly appreciate your donations towards this cause and are grateful for your giving.

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