Aztatlan artifacts found in Sinaloa


SINALOA, MEXICO — Three 1000 year old urns with offerings placed in them, including canine figures and burnt shells have been found in Sinaloa. This represents the first artifacts of the Aztatlan culture found in Sinaloa.

The urns date to 900-1200 CE. The Aztatlan culture settled in Nayarit, Colima, Sinaloa and Jalisco. Their characteristic pottery was red or orange with black stripes and their funerary urns.

The representation of animal designs is something new. Human bones were found in the urns and scattered outside as well. They appear to have been boiled as part of a funerary ritual. There were canine symbols on some of the pottery near the urns, and this connotes animal companions for the dead.

INAH has the report here (in Spanish) with a slide show (click on the tiny red camera icon);

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