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Operation Code wants veterans to work in tech

By Sara Inés Calderón
Más Wired

Operation Code is a Portland, Oregon-based organization working to enable more veterans to learn to code and work in the tech industry. The organization is the brainchild of veteran David Molina, who is currently getting the word out about the organization, and aiming to raise $7.5 million to fund veteran code school education.

Although there are several important issues Operation Code aims to address, one of great importance is the fact that veterans cannot use the G.I. Bill to pay for their code school educations. Consequently:

In its first year, Operation Code will raise $7.5m to provide immediate scholarship assistance to Veterans who want to enter the coding profession. This will also have a very positive impact on our domestic technology industry, which as we know is increasingly seeking qualified workforce from within the country. With $7.5m, we’ll support the educational aspirations of 250 Veterans to learn to code.


After the first year, Operation Code wants to provide even more scholarships to veterans, and in five years aims to “positively affect the lives of 20,000 veterans.”

Molina, a veteran himself, understands first-hand how daunting a career change after military service can be. It was this experience that inspired him to found Operation Code.

“We must recognize that the supply of Veterans seeking employment services is rapidly increasing given the surge of forces currently withdrawing from Iraq and Afghanistan. Given this fact, Operation Code seeks to address, solve and meet this challenge over the next decade and beyond,” he said in a statement.

If you would like to contribute to Operation Code, click here. To learn more about the organization, click here.

Sara Inés Calderón is a journalist and writer who lives between Texas and California. Follow her on Twitter @SaraChicaD.

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