BBC Journalists Return to US to Gauge Spanish-Speakers’ Feelings on Hot-Button Issues


LatinaLista — BBC Mundo journalists, Jose Baig and Carlos Ceresole, are coming back to the USA.

Well, the duo are back with camera and laptops in tow and starting this Friday, March 28 they’re going to concentrate on traveling along a northern route, but they have a new mission.

According to José’s blog, this time they want to know more than if people can get by without knowing English.
They want to know the expectations, hopes and questions that people have about the US elections and the kind of government that may result. They also will be reporting on the economy, the Iraqi war, immigration, health and education, talking to people from all walks of life.
They’ll begin their journey in Washington state and end it 15 cities later in Washington, D.C.

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José and Carlos will blog daily about their trip. They also have set up a Facebook account, “¿Hablas español y vives en EEUU?”, to post pictures and let Latinos from all parts of their reading audience interact with one another.
Since the political situation has changed since the last time the two journalists were here, Latina Lista has one piece of advice — make sure you have your passport at all times!