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Mexican government launches new way to reach its citizens in the U.S. — with an app


LatinaLista — If there’s one sure sign of acculturation into U.S. society by immigrants, it’s the ubiquitous smart phone. While not every immigrant may have a computer or even have access to one, most do have a smartphone — at least that’s what the Mexican government is hoping for its citizens living in the United States.

This month, the Mexican government launched a new way for its citizens to contact their Mexican consulates — via the MiConsulMex app.

Available for both Android and Apple mobile devices, the free app makes it easier for Mexican immigrants to access services from their nearest consulate and information from the Mexican government.

Through the app, users can receive the latest news about consulate activities, federal assistance, addresses and locations of Mexican consulates in the U.S., information about needed documents, U.S. immigration law, the Deferred Action requirements and what to do in the event of a loved one’s death, arrest, deportation, illness and even location of family members.

Perhaps the most useful application is how the app puts people directly in contact with the consulates and enables them to make appointments via the app, or by phone. A very handy application considering that most Mexican consulates aren’t known for their short lines.

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