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Guest Voz: The Way We Approach Weight Loss Is About To Change For Good. Are You Gonna Miss Out?

By La Chica de la Dieta

Have you ever considered the possibility that the weight loss advice we’ve been given for the last 40 years could actually be flawed?

This could explain why diets don’t work.

If you’ve ever been on one, you know this is true. You might have lost some pounds, only to find them crawling back to your problem areas some time later. Research shows that at least 95% of people suffer from rebound weight gain in 6 to 24 months after following a weight loss plan.

Moreover, weight gain and obesity have continued to increase throughout the years on a global scale, with the accompanying health threats, in spite of the continuous efforts from public health authorities to spread the commonly known advice: “Eat less, move more”.

Calories in versus calories out seems so simple: you just need to spend more calories than you consume… why is this not working then?

No, it’s not that you’re lazy or you lack willpower. It’s not even that you just eat too much.

Scientists have started investigating this question, and recent studies are revealing that what we know, or think we know, about how to lose weight is either incomplete or flat out wrong. And yes, conventional weight loss advice and nutrition guidelines are based on that knowledge.

Watching your calories?

A study from South Carolina University suggests that speculations regarding the role of energy intake in the rise in the prevalence of obesity are without empirical support.

Eating breakfast to be healthy and slim?

New research from the University of Alabama at Birmingham shows that changing your breakfast habits may not affect your weight.

Avoiding eating fat-rich foods – especially those rich in saturated fats like juicy steaks, crunchy bacon and tasty eggs?
Studies from the last 10 years (yes, I said 10 years) have been showing that egg consumption doesn’t affect blood cholesterol and that saturated fats aren’t nearly as bad for your heart health as previously thought (they might actually be beneficial!).

And if you substituted vegetable oils or margarine for that ‘deadly’ butter, read this: a news release from the University of Toronto, Canada, published this week revealed that some ‘healthy’ vegetable oils – like corn or safflower oils – may actually increase risk of heart disease. Go figure.

Seems like we’ve been looking at the wrong direction all this time.

At a time when one out of five North Americans dies from obesity-related issues, the Hispanic community is more vulnerable to cardiovascular disease risk factors and other obesity-related diseases. With Mexico being the most obese country in the world, you can understand how important it is that people like you and me have the information and tools needed to guarantee a healthier, happier life for ourselves, our children and our families.

And that life, the life we want and deserve, comes with a healthier, fitter body.

We need to start doing things differently if we want to be healthier, feel better and live happier.

We need to be informed and aware of what really hurts our health.

A new way to approach weight loss is about to come and, if you embrace it, it will transform your life. I can tell you this because I’ve experienced myself, and I’ve seen it happen in other people’s lives.

So go and start today.

Choose something small you can change today in your lifestyle or eating habits to make them healthier. Drink one less soda. Start using olive oil and grassfed butter instead of vegetable oils. Have a handful raw walnuts and wild blueberries for a snack today. Drink one more glass of pure water. Eat a green apple before dinner. Put your cellphone down and go to bed before midnight.

Start slowly, but firmly. Remember: you don’t need to go on a diet to be happier and healthier, you just need to nourish your body and your mind. Start doing it today, and let me know how it goes, I’ll be happy to share your success.

(Photo Credit: Total Shape)

La Chica de la Dieta is an author, PhD, PN1 Certified Nutrition Coach, Certified JNL Fusion Master Trainer and the founder of MND (Mi Nueva Dieta). She helps Hispanic people from around the world transform their lives and be happier in their bodies through her innovative and unique coaching program at

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