Cooking up success comes easy with passion, persistence and faith

Restaurant entrepreneur Amelia Contreras sees adversity as opportunity and proves it with three successful eateries.
LatinaLista — Most people would think twice about starting a new business during hard economic times, but restaurant entrepreneur Amelia Contreras knows firsthand how adversity can prove to be a recipe for success.

Restaurant entrepreneur Amelia Contreras
Standing just shy of five feet, Amelia, a mother of three, is a petite powerhouse of energy who readily admits that the right combination of fearlessness, ignorance and passion have been her secret ingredients in creating two popular Mexican food restaurants, along with, a successful tortilla factory in North Texas.
Yet with all her success in the food industry, Amelia never planned to open a restaurant. It was nine years ago when she just knew she wanted to be in business for herself.
“When I told my husband I was going to do my own business, he said OK,” Amelia remembered. “Then when he said OK, I asked him, ‘How do I start it?’”
Though neither she nor her husband had a clue in how to create a business, she always knew what she wanted to do — operate a tortilla factory. Her idea was to make tortillas during the day for carry-out sales to the public and restaurants and still have enough time to pick up her children from school and stay home with them.
However, Amelia soon learned that being a business owner was a full-time job. Buying an old tortilla machine and filing the proper paperwork to open a business, she was on her way. All she lacked was a space to set up shop.
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