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Curandero: Meditation connects the body, mind and soul to create the life we want

By Bobby Sanchez
The Curandero of Dallas

Meditation is a way to open you up to life’s secrets and its benefits by enabling you to clear your mind. In the process, it empowers you to create the life you truly want.

Imagine our mind as a room cluttered with dirty clothes and everything scattered. Well, that is the way life is for most people. My focus here is to teach you how to clear the mind and learn to attract what you truly want in life!

We will begin our lesson at the dawn of time where everything was easy — no stress, or worries, but as time changed, so did we. We lost our true connection to ourselves. We forgot the value of the mind, body and soul connection.

Today, there are many cultures that do meditation as a life-style to find inner peace. Here in the states, we lack the knowledge or the will to take thirty minutes of our day to make a better life for ourselves. I will take you on this road into the mind to expand your possibilities.

Start each day by selecting a certain time when you can just sit in a quiet place in your home or office to close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Listen to your breathing as it comes in through your nose and out your mouth. As you inhale fresh air, your stomach will expand like a balloon and when exhaling you are deflating the balloon. Breathe in and out. Relax the body. Clear your mind.

It is easy if you only focus on the breathing and not let any “mind-scatter” distract you from this form of meditation. Start with about two minutes a day of the breathing meditation working your way up to five minutes the next week and then adding more time each week, all the while training yourself to clear your mind each day.

Before long, you will be seeing your life become clearer than ever before. You are learning to move all this clutter out of the room in your mind and making room for what you truly want!

The next form of meditation is what I call Creating Your Dreams. Like most of us, when we were young we dreamt of having a bike and then growing up and wanting a car to let us feel the freedom that we all longed for. But somewhere in life we trapped ourselves into believing that this is as good as it gets — and that is not true.

In meditation, we learn that once our minds are cleared we can create our own dreams!

After clearing your mind, begin imagining the life you desire. Start with the breathing and clearing of your mind then start to create — envision — images of what you want. These should be deeply detailed images. Once you do that, then the Universe will begin attracting these desires to you in time. The key is to do this every day and not give up — or it will not happen.

It’s important to remember that those who have the finer things in life learned to dream big and make it a reality. There is no difference between you and them, it’s just that they still dream.

To stay focused, remind yourself of what you desire. Place photos of what you want where you can see them and fill up pages of a journal with your dreams. You will eventually achieve that long-lost connection of body, soul and mind — a powerful combination of putting you on the path towards fulfilling your dreams.

Bobby Sanchez is a practicing curandero in the North Texas region. Having studied with Peruvian and Colombian shamans and curanderos, Bobby uses a holistic approach in his practice where he removes disharmonies of the mind, body, and spirit through ritual cleanings, energy work, divination and prayer.


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