Video: On film, as in life, Mercedes Sosa, “La Negra,” exhibits a strength of character that lives on


LatinaLista — “Voice of the voiceless ones” and “La Negra.” These are but two of the nicknames Argentine singer and national icon, Haydée Mercedes Sosa, was known by her legion of fans throughout the world, but especially among those who were oppressed by their governments.

The life of Mercedes Sosa — her exile to Europe from her beloved Argentina, her influence in growing the nueva canción movement, her victorious return to her homeland and her lasting musical legacy — is the subject of the award-winning 2013 documentary Mercedes Sosa: The Voice of Latin America.

Combining historical footage with interviews with friends and Sosa herself (she died on October 4, 2009), the film chronicles the life of a woman who refused to be victimized by domestic circumstances or silenced by political intimidation. If anything, the film underscores the strength of Sosa’s character which she expressed best in song.


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