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New political music video contest pays contestants who qualify for grand prize

LatinaLista — During the run-off between Obama and Clinton, YouTube became music party headquarters. Every music video, from mariachi to hip hop, singing the praises of their particular candidate could be seen — and they were.
Some of these videos registered over 10,000 views.
Well, some folks want to recreate this kind of American creative talent when it comes to singing the support of the two party’s official presidential candidates.
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A contest called Ballads for Ballots, sponsored by, is looking for music videos supporting both Obama and McCain. The first 100 qualified submissions receive $25 for all the work and are then entered into the pool where the top Democrat and Republican video will be chosen.
Kind of a unique twist on a contest — actually pay contestants to enter and then pay them more if they win!
According to the guidelines:

Participants will submit 45 to 90-second original music videos or song
parodies to the web site. The music videos will
support the Democratic or Republican parties or their presidential
candidates. The videos can be inspirational, fun and humorous.
Viewers will evaluate the music videos on, the Tribune
Company’s, The Swamp web site, and other national media outlets. The
top 15 videos for each party will be judged by a panel of noted
political personalities, who will select the top 3 videos for each
The top 3 videos for each party will be studied by
panelists (a large national panel of opt in consumers) and two grand
prize winners will be selected — one for each party. Each winner
will receive a $5,000 cash award.

The contest starts June 15 and runs till July 25. Visit the mediacurves website to register.


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