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Spreading the love of Latin music one Skype lesson at a time

LatinaLista — Virtual classes are nothing new. Answering roll call from behind a computer monitor in your pajamas is common from kindergarten to college these days. Yet, there has always been an understanding that some classes just don’t translate well in the virtual classroom, like learning to play instruments.

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After all, don’t teachers need to see for themselves the mistakes students are making in order to correct them? Well, thank goodness for online video services like Skype.

In fact, one new venture based in the United Kingdom plans on using Skype to spread their love of teaching Latin music styles to students throughout the world.

Called HispaTune, the business was co-founded by Josh Lloyd, a Latin music enthusiast in the United Kingdom and Pablo Dominguez, a professional Spanish musician. The bilingual site will feature a Teacher’s Page where students will watch a short introductory video by each teacher and learn more about what they teach. Music genres will cover everything from Bachata, Bossa Nova, Flamenco and Salsa to Samba,Tango and Portuguese Fado.

Instruments taught will include nylon string acoustic guitar, bass/double bass guitar, cajón, saxophone, flute, accordion and Latin percussion.

Tuition will be paid via PayPal and lessons are broken down into various packages: Weekly £16.99 ($27.78) for one lesson a week; Monthly £124.99 ($204.33) (8% savings) for 8 lesson or 2 a week; Quarterly £364.99 ($596.68) (10% savings) for 24 lessons and Annual £1500.00 ($2,452.18) (15% savings) where the student will receive 104 lessons.

Each lesson lasts 45 minutes.

The concept is in the start-up phase and the founders, while busy filling in the pages on their website, are also looking for more teachers who will work from their homes via Skype to teach the students.

“Students can join us at any stage of their learning,” co-founder Josh Lloyd said. “Whether they’re a complete novice, at an intermediate level, or experienced. We dedicate our time and attention to all students the same.”

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