Video: Independent LA music show highlights the ‘little known but talented’ Latino musicians of the city


LatinaLista — Los Angeles has long been known as the Mecca for those trying to break into show business. Yet, as anyone in LA will tell you, show business isn’t just the movie or television industry, it’s also the music industry.

Home to some of the most iconic music labels, Los Angeles is a magnet for talented musicians. Unfortunately, not everyone can be discovered by a major record label — but they can be discovered by a local entertainment show called Musica LA.

The goal of the show is to promote little known but talented Latino musicians in the Los Angeles County area. Founded by Lawrence Costales, the show is hosted by Rocio Libertad Mendoza who interviews the under-appreciated musicians, along with, highlighting their music.

So far, eight episodes have been filmed and can be found on their website and YouTube channel.

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