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New culture blog takes it one mundo(ss) at a time

LatinaLista — If you can’t get enough of Latino art, blogs or tidbits of New York City’s cultural scene, then a new arts and culture blog dedicated to promoting Latino talent and headquartered in New York City is where you need to visit.

It’s called mundoss, and while it’s NYC-focused, it is attempting to find and promote artists from Latin America and Spain.
A quick visit to the site recently reveals some interesting topics: “bullet-proof designer wear,” where to go in Brooklyn for a dinner featuring wine from women winemakers from South America and an introduction to the mixed art works of a Mexican artist named Jose Leon Cerrillo.
The content director of the site is currently looking for short films by Latino filmmakers to round out their expanding list of Latino talent to showcase.
With more and more artists turning to the Internet to reach new audiences, it’s a safe bet that this site will never be short of new and interesting news to post on what lies on the horizon for Latino artistic talent.

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