Video: First female Asian comic editor dispels myth of how being different sucks


LatinaLista — Sana Amanat knows what it feels like to not fit in. Born in the United States of Asian descent, Amanat grew up entrenched in her family’s traditions and customs. Often, this meant that she dressed differently, ate different foods and even spoke a different language than her friends and peers.

It was from this background that lent itself to Amanat’s future job — the editor at Marvel comics. In her position, Amanat creates stories about characters that don’t fit into the normal landscape but are blessed with amazing abilities to do good in the world.

In her TedX teen talk, Amanat shares how her background has enabled her to excel at her job, create groundbreaking characters – like the first Muslim female superhero, Ms. Marvel — and share a message that everyone’s uniqueness is a far greater asset than a weakness.

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