Before his untimely death, columnist Carlos Guerra delivers strong argument for immigration reform


LatinaLista — Today, I received sad news that a colleague, Carlos Guerra, had died. Carlos was a former columnist with the San Antonio Express-News and after he left the newspaper he did what most retired or laid-off journalists do — kept writing.

thumb.jpgThe luxury for a journalist not working for a newspaper is that he/she can write about whatever they want. For Carlos though, I don’t think that was ever a problem.

While he could have enjoyed his retirement, he instead embarked on a new journalistic quest. He, along with some friends, created a site called NewsTaco. Carlos was devoting a lot of his writings to what most independent Latino journalists are writing about these days — immigration reform and the DREAM Act.

Carlos Guerra

In fact, his final piece for NewsTaco was a video of himself explaining why passing immigration reform just makes sense, and believe me, if something didn’t make sense – no matter who or what it was about – Carlos let you know it.

Here in his own words…