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Central Texans protest Iran’s election

18 de junio de 2009
La Prensa .- Central Texans joined in on the global protests of the disputed presidential election in Iran. Police estimate about 500 Iranian-Americans and other reformist supporters showed up in front of the Texas Capitol Wednesday as part of a show of solidarity with their counterparts in Iran.

“We want you to be heard, we want your votes to be counted,” shouted demonstrators in Austin.
Demonstrators acknowledge their march and rally likely won’t change the election results overseas. However, they are part of a wave of demonstrations that have sprung up around the world.
“I’m here to support the people of Iran who are rising to tell the government we want our vote counted,” said Hadi Ramasat, an Iranian-American.
Reformists in Austin said the efforts of the Iranian government to cut off communication, keep journalists out of the country and take political prisoners is evidence of official oppression that’s gotten out of hand.
“No matter what country it is, it’s terrible they’re doing these things,” said Romteen Farasat.
Those who say democracy in Iran was denied came decked out in green, the color representing reform candidate Hossein Moussavi. It’s also the color which has come to symbolize peace and freedom in Iran.
“Freedom is something we all need. It’s a human right. It is worth fighting for,” said a young demonstrator who identified herself only as “Gazel.”

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