Fiesta-goers just having fun

La Prensa .- Between the marching, grilling and eating, the sights and sounds of a Fiesta parade were all around. But there were some sounds new to Friday’s event.
Vendor Rick Gonzales says, “Times are tough, but you know what? Down here in San Antonio Fiesta’s a big part so let’s enjoy it.”
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He and his family have been vendors here at the parade for seven years. Rick is staying optimistic that even during these tough economic times people will be willing to put their money woes aside and enjoy Fiesta.
But the reality is many people are strapped for cash.
Diana Guajardo says she’s feeling the pinch, “Started off with breakfast at home, then snacks for the road, and an ice chest in the car for when they get hungry.”
Diana says packing lunch will save her family around $30.
“That’s 30 dollars for tomorrow and the next day,” she adds.
But luckily for Rick and his family, there are still some people willing to shell out some cash for the whole Fiesta experience.
Tina Flynn is willing to spend: “I’m not gonna bring a turkey leg and sausage, so you gotta get something that’s from here.”
Many of the vendors we spoke will be right back here on Saturday for the Fiesta Flambeau. They expect sales to be better for that event

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