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Honduras gets ready for another showdown with Sunday’s elections

LatinaLista — From the beginning when news broke that Honduran President Zelaya had been forced from his presidential palace at gunpoint, there has been much controversy in the blogosphere and around the world as to whether or not this was a bona fide coup or a government enforcing its constitutional right to oust a head of state who was abusing his power.


Since Zelaya’s removal, and his subsequent undercover return to the country, there have been accusations from either side of the divided Honduras of media censorship and random retaliatory attacks. Yet, the most disturbing are allegations of violence against women, who were Zelaya supporters, perpetuated by the military.

A Honduran organization called Feminists in Resistance is planning to keep a vigilant eye on Sunday’s elections and report to the global media what they see and hear.

Also, there’s no doubt Honduran-based bloggers will do the same.

Some good blogs to read to keep up with Sunday’s elections will be:

La Gringa’s Blogicito

Honduras: Libre Democratica Independiente (bilingual)

Honduras News – Daily News about Honduras


(Editor’s Note: Latina Lista will be providing Twitter and Facebook updates throughout Sunday on the Honduran elections.)

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  • adriana
    November 29, 2009 at 2:42 am

    I have blogged about this too in regards to the misogyny in Honduras and the abuses of the current government. I will be looking forward to your tweets on this.

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