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Global initiative wants the world to vote against global warming

LatinaLista — It’s not often that an election captures the imagination of the whole world. Though we did see it last November with our own presidential elections, the downside for those who weren’t U.S. citizens was that not everyone could vote.

But on Saturday, March 28, 2009, there is going to be another election that is quickly capturing the imagination of people from all corners of the globe. And that’s a good thing since, in this election, everybody gets to vote.
The candidates running are — the Earth and Global Warming. To vote for the Earth, everyone must shut off their electricity from 8:30-9:30 p.m. To cast a vote for Global Warming is easier — do nothing.
The global event is called Earth Hour and organizers hope that one billion people will decide to participate. The tally of the number of voters will be delivered to government officials attending the Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen this year.
Organizers know that one billion participants will send a strong message to government leaders that the world wants them to seriously attack global warming.
Already, 84 countries have committed to participating, over 21,000 businesses and over 6,000 organizations — but more voters are needed.
The countdown for Earth Hour is underway — hopefully, the fate of the planet due to global warming isn’t on a countdown too.

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