Lameduck Congress just quacking about jobs if they don’t pass DREAM Act


LatinaLista — The Washington political news site Politico reports this evening that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to push for a vote by next week for the DREAM Act.

It’s not a surprising mandate.

poy_nancy_pelosi.jpgWhether it was Pelosi, Sen. Harry Reid, Sen. Richard Durbin or Sen. Charles Schumer who would bring up the bill before this lameduck session of Congress, it was expected by the Latino community.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to vote on DREAM Act in lameduck session.
(Photo: TIME magazine)

Already, critics are saying that GOP members won’t come on board because they will want to start the focus on jobs, but the DREAM Act is all about jobs.

It’s about putting to work young people who have earned degrees but can’t do anything with them because of their citizenship status.

It’s about young people who want to enter the military in these uncertain times but can’t because of their citizenship status.

It’s about letting these young people contribute to the national economy in a full and transparent way.

It’s about recognizing that these young people are Americans in every sense of the word and deserve to be officially validated by the government.

It’s about understanding that these young people bear no responsibility for being illegally in the country since it was the actions of their parents that brought them here.

It’s about our country’s leaders turning a new page and demanding a halt to vilifying innocent youth and appreciate the fact that these young people want to spend the rest of their lives protecting and contributing to this country.