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Latina Lista partners with Voto Latino and iTunes to promote 2010 Census

LatinaLista — Filling out the U.S. Census is important. It’s a message that the US Census Bureau has been trying to get across since the news that certain religious Latino leaders were preaching against filling out the US Census to mostly their undocumented parishioners.


At first, the reason given for the Census boycott was to use it as a way to force Washington to pass immigration reform.

Now, with healthcare not even passed yet, such a demand seems out-of-touch with what is happening in Congress. Not to mention, what the real impact is for states and local communities if the undocumented don’t participate.

This year’s 2010 census is of critical importance to all Americans because it allocates $400 billion in federal funds (for things like education, healthcare & transportation) and determines congressional representation.

It’s just common sense to participate in the census and more and more Latinos and Latino organizations are taking up the cause to convince la raza to do it.

Today, Latina Lista partners with Voto Latino in a new campaign to get people to fill out the 2010 Census — Be Counted.

Replicating their successful strategy during the 2008 presidential election, Voto Latino is offering free music tracks, via a partnership with iTunes, to everyone who goes to the Be Counted site and signs a pledge to participate in the Census.

Users who take the pledge to be counted will be given an online code redeemable for 25 free songs on iTunes by artists such as Pitbull, Aventura, Morrissey, Mos Def, Jaguares and Los Tigres del Norte.

“Music is a powerful medium to get people into action. The 25-song album represents the cultural diversity of Latinos in this country–a soundtrack that underscores the lives of young Latinos,” says Voto Latino executive director Maria Teresa Kumar.

“To have the Grammy-winning Christian artist Paulina Aguirre featured side-by-side with iconic British alternative artist Morrissey and Latin hip-hop star Pitbull is truly amazing.”

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