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Latino comics create tribute to Sonia Sotomayor – kinda

LatinaLista — It was only a matter of time that Latino comics would work up a sketch featuring (almost) everyone’s favorite Supreme Court Justice-to-be, Judge Sonia Sotomayor.

Hugo Perez plays Judge Sonia Sotomayor in a video tribute to the judge.
Hugo Perez and Adrian Martinez have created their own irreverent version of a homage to Sotomayor and have had it posted on Funny or Die (Will Ferrell’s comic video website.)
In the video, Perez is pitching a movie idea to Steven Spielberg about, what else, the life of Sonia Sotomayor.
Viva Sonia Sotomayor! is on the frontpage of the site today and it’s up to the viewers to how long it stays there.

The more people that watch it, the longer it stays on the frontpage, so Hugo and Adrian ask that everyone please watch it and tell your friends to watch it!

We were going to embed the video but then that would defeat the purpose of what these guys are trying to do — keep Sotomayor in the forefront of the American people.
So, in case you missed the links earlier in the post, here it is again — Viva Sonia Sotomayor!

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