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LatinaLista — When it comes to filmmaking, there are so many talented Latinos behind the camera that it’s always a treat to learn about yet one more. That’s the case with Anthony Rivero Stabley of Super Grande Films.
We weren’t aware of this film company until their founder Anthony Rivero Stabley contacted Latina Lista with news of several film projects and awards.
It seems Rivero Stabley, who hails originally from Bolivia, created Super Grande Film in 2001 to create Latin American films. He knows a bit about filmmaking since he was the art director of “Stigmata”, “White Oleander” and the production designer of “A Day Without A Mexican”.
Among the many film projects his company has created, and they have one in the works now called “Las Super Bonitas,” we were intrigued with his webisode series. It seems more Latinos are venturing into this area of filmmaking — which is a great way por toda la comunidad ( for the whole community) to see a fellow Latina/o’s work.
Rivero Stabley’s webisode is titled Electronica. It’s a trilogy with the final installment due to film later this year.
The webisode has already won the Audience Award at the iPod Film Festival.
According to the synopsis:

Emily Dunn’s dreams of acting have been replaced by a constant self-destructive party lifestyle. During the process she CLICKS away photos of her daily existence and ultimately finds her true expression. The question is… What’s Real and What’s Not?

Rivero Stabley tells Latina Lista:

“I think a lot of people get lost in Hollywood. They become enticed with false glamour and empty promises; they lose track of their dreams. In the end, you find these people, who are sometimes…sadly your friends- living this hazy self-destructive existence. The problem is that people just don”t like to talk about this tragic aspect of cinema. They just want to hear about the winners.

Interesting perspective. After watching it, feel free to share your thoughts with Latina Lista.
Part I

(Watch Part II also.)

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