Video: Young Americans rise above the political rhetoric to voice their own views on immigration

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LatinaLista — During the 2012 GOP primary campaign, the nation got an earful of what conservatives thought about undocumented immigration and how the rest of us should view the issue.

Yet, a new 8-part documentary series titled, Young Americans, asks teens and young adults what they think about undocumented immigrants and the nation’s overall immigration system. The answers may not particularly please those conservatives on last year’s campaign trail but, what becomes readily evident in this film, is that young people refuse to be swayed by political rhetoric when forming their own opinions on the issue.

This doesn’t mean to say that every young American feels the same way towards undocumented immigrants but the majority do appear to be more thoughtful, realistic and compassionate. Above all, they also seem to be more likely to have had friends or worked with people classified as undocumented immigrants.

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