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Video: Is Juarez, Mexico finally turning a new corner?

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LatinaLista — Juarez, Mexico has become synonymous with the country’s out-of-control drug war. For too long, Juarez has been considered the frontline of the cartel violence.

In October 2010, the city of Juarez, Mexico averaged over 10 murders per day. By August 2012, the city’s murder rate was down to 1 per day.

Is the drug war coming to an end in Juarez? Or has it shifted to other parts of the country? Or has it run its course?

Exploring the reasons for the decline in the murder rate is the subject of the third film on the Mexican drug war from filmmaker Charlie Minn. “The New Juarez” talks to the people who witness and study the violence, gathering their opinions and predictions for a city that is finally coming loose from the most deadliest siege in its history.

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