New virtual game challenges “citizens” to think for themselves and create the world of their dreams


LatinaLista — Did you ever wonder what the world would be like — if you ran it?
Well, courtesy of some European game developers, you can assume the role of citizen extraordinaire in a new game called eRepublik.

Available in five languages, eRepublik, is a virtual version of the real world — with a twist. Unlike other games, like Second Life, this massive online social strategy game is text based. Graphics are being created as users develop the game by playing it.
Why this is unique is because without all the distractions of flashy graphics, users get to the heart of social and political problems, some seriously and some not. Being text-based means the users must use their brains to solve the problems in this virtual world. Also, being text-based, means the game can be played as easily from a cell phone as a laptop and the way it’s constructed, the developers say it only takes 15 minutes a day to play.
It would be an interesting experiment to play out some of our problems in this virtual world. Say, like, build a wall between Mexico and the United States or raid or force mass firings of undocumented people at businesses needed by the local economy or …you get the idea.
If you have 15 minutes to spare you may want to take the time and become a citizen of the Republik. Last we heard, you didn’t need to show proof of ID.