October 4, 2021

At one time, the sole branch of government able to escape, for the most part, the kind of criticism that plummets the poll numbers of the Legislative and Executive branches was the Supreme Court. No more. And depending on how they rule on upcoming issues of abortion and gun rights, their sinking poll numbers could rival those of their counterparts; One reporter examining the history of US immigration policy makes a disappointing discovery; Learning a language through a music app?; and Illegal migration from one South American country broke records during the pandemic. Go beyond the headlines…

US Supreme Court gets set to address abortion, guns and religion

Why Democrats’ climate goals may test their Latino appeal

U.S. immigration policies based on racist system created by Founding Fathers

The future of Catholics

As white Boomers retire, fast-growing Latino labor will fill gaps

‘Catastrophic’ California oil spill kills fish, damages wetlands

More than half of U.S. police killings are misclassified, study says

New app to teach students English through music

Beer company hosts tournament to fish out plastic in Mexico

Illegal migration from Brazil to the U.S. breaks record in pandemic

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