Rep. Gutierrez holds virtual Town Hall meetings tonight to discuss immigration reform


(Editor’s note: The Families Freedom and Faith Call teleconferences will be held tonight, rather than held yesterday as mistakenly reported. In light of the mistake, I am re-publishing the post. I apologize for the confusion.)


LatinaLista — What will an immigration reform bill look like?

Everyone will get a preview tonight at 8 p.m. EST/ 5 p.m. Pacific, when Rep. Luis Gutierrez participates in a virtual Town Hall meeting, billed as the Families Freedom and Faith Call, to outline the principles of immigration reform.

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Tonight’s telephonic conference call is a lead up to Gutierrez’s plan to introduce comprehensive immigration reform legislation in Congress. Gutierrez has said the bill will include:

• A path to earned legal status and eventual citizenship for the current undocumented immigrant population.
• Programs that keep American families together.
• Allocation of sufficient visas to close unlawful migration channels.
• Labor rights guarantees for immigrant and native-born workers.
• Enforcement measures that enhance our nation’s security and safety while reflecting American values.
• A commitment to assisting immigrant integration.
• Protection of fundamental rights for all people

To hear the Congressman, “house parties” are being organized around the country. A quick visit to the Reform Immigration for America website shows where listening parties are happening in communities nationwide.

So far, there are 897 house parties organized across the country.