The Latino Family Gift Guide offers proud assortment of holiday items

LatinaLista — Many of us are still trying to finalize Thanksgiving plans but we all know that Christmas is just around the next corner. Though we know the economy has not been kind to most of us, it doesn’t lessen the expectation for gifts under the tree.

2009 Edition.jpg

But where do we get gifts that fit our budget while at the same time express our proud Latino heritage?

They can be found in the 2009 Latino Family Holiday Gift Guide.

The guide is divided among gifts for the family, the children, friends and those that cost under $20.

Some of the items featured include:

• “Feliz Navidad” infant creepers by Latin Baby
• Silk ties and scarves with Latino motifs by Gregorio Ties
• Art prints by Lunita Company
• Culturally inspired T-shirts by Chichi & Flaco

There’s a big emphasis on bilingual products, especially for the kids.

The Latino Family Gift Guide will run through January in order to celebrate the Day of the Magi (El Dia de Los Reyes Magos) on January 6 – the traditional day for exchanging gifts in many Spanish-speaking countries. New product listings may be added through January.

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