Video: Contest combines subjects of tequila and murals for an artistic cocktail celebrating Latino life


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LatinaLista — Tequila and murals. Two very different things with one commonality — Mexico. So, it’s not too surprising that a Mexican tequila producer would create a contest incorporating their product and honoring Latino life in the United States.

Tequila producer, Jose Cuervo, put out a call last year for artists to submit their art portfolios and write a personal essay for the chance to be chosen as one of ten artists to represent their state and create a mural for the contest “Tradicional Mural Project.”

Each chosen artist was given 30 days to complete their mural which had to reflect Latino life around the themes of music, education and family. The goal of the murals was to “help paint the nation’s cultural melting pot through a range of traditional and contemporary painting styles.”

Ten artists — of Mexican, Mexican-American, Puerto Rican, Venezuelan, Peruvian, Cuban and Nicaraguan descent — were selected representing states such as California, Nevada, Texas, Florida, Georgia and Illinois. In addition to representing their states, each artist was asked to choose a local charity since the winning muralist not only receives a $15,000 grant but also a $15,000 donation for their chosen nonprofit.

However, officials with Jose Cuervo will not be choosing the winning mural. From January 15 through February 28, “consumers 21 years of age and older” can vote — one time — on the contest’s Facebook page for the mural they like best. The grand prize winner will be announced in March 2013.

As far as the murals, Jose Cuervo representatives promise to showcase all ten murals at a “prominent artistic venue later in the year” so that everyone can enjoy the talents of these ten amazing artists in their depiction of celebrating Latino life.