Today’s Supreme Court ruling highlights how conservatives’ attacks on Sotomayor is all about race


LatinaLista — On the heels of the news (and please forgive the pun) that Judge Sotomayor fractured her ankle at La Guardia airport enroute to Capitol Hill for more meetings, one conservative who has been having a field day poking fun at her had no reservations about hitting her yet again — even as she hobbled along the corridors of Congress on crutches and in a boot brace.

The talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, who has made it his mission to make race the major factor in Sotomayor’s quest for the Supreme Court seat thought he was being clever in his analysis of Sotomayor’s injury.
But being clever is not Limbaugh’s forte and if anything, Limbaugh’s constant attacks reveal just how fractured the Republican party really is.
In referring to Sotomayor’s injury today, Limbaugh said:

RUSH: By the way, Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor has broken her ankle. She fractured her ankle in the airport. She stumbled in the airport on her way to Senate meetings. Now, the question is, would a white male judge have fractured his ankle in the same circumstances at the same airport on the way to Senate meetings? (snip) Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor fractured her ankle in an airport on the way to Senate meetings. Given Sotomayor’s preference for Latinas in every walk of life, I hope she can find “a wise Latina” doctor to set that ankle as opposed to an average white doctor because the wise Latina doctor is much richer experience with broken ankles, and would probably do a much better job of setting that ankle than an average white doctor who has not lived the rich experiences of a Latina med student and resident.

Limbaugh’s remark is naturally offensive but it’s also twisting her words to plant the impression that she said one thing over another.

His remark that he hopes she can find a “wise Latina” doctor because a Latina doctor would do a better job setting the judge’s ankles than an average white doctor is a blatant attempt to further his agenda to focus on her ethnicity.
Because as we all know, Mr. Limbaugh doesn’t care which doctors he goes to — as long as they just handed over pain killers.
In fact, in an article detailing Limbaugh’s surrender for committing fraud — “Prosecutors had contended that Limbaugh engaged in “doctor-shopping” — that is, deceiving several doctors to receive overlapping prescriptions for painkillers.”
Limbaugh’s sad addiction is in his past and bringing it up at this time does nothing but stir emotion in those people who see celebrities as those who abuse the system for their own benefit — much like how Limbaugh’s constant references to Sotomayor’s “wise Latina” statement fans the flames of those who say they see past ethnicity but, in truth, that’s all they see.
Limbaugh would do well to shift his focus to areas that truly determine a person’s ability to serve on the Supreme Court — their track record in the courts.
On that, Sotomayor has more than proven herself, and in turn, it’s a much harder target for someone like Limbaugh to ridicule and diminish.
After all, we’re reminded today that one’s own experiences aren’t the only factors that may influence a judge’s decisions but also who are their campaign contributors.

West Virginia State Supreme Court Justice Brent Benjamin

The Supreme Court ruled Monday that elected judges must step aside from cases when large campaign contributions from interested parties create the appearance of bias.
By a 5-4 vote in a case from West Virginia, the court said that a judge who remained involved in a lawsuit filed against the company of the most generous supporter of his election deprived the other side of the constitutional right to a fair hearing.

The judge in question is Judge Brent Benjamin — a white judge.
In this case, it would seem a wise Latina judge would know better.