TX school district sets bad example to students by bussing them to hear former Pres. Bush but banned Obama from classrooms


LatinaLista — Last night’s outburst by South Carolina Representative Joe Wilson where he shouted, “You lie” to President Obama during Obama’s joint address to Congress was quickly condemned by members on both sides of the aisle in the only strong show of bipartisanship visible last night.

Former President Bush and current President Obama
Since then, the American public has made its displeasure with Wilson very evident as well by crashing his web site with a deluge of visits, donating thousands of dollars to his declared opponent in the next election and blogging and tweeting how the guy should be sanctioned.
To see the American public and his congressional colleagues take him to task for such behavior is refreshing and reconfirms that no matter what political differences exist the President of the United States deserves to be shown respect.
So, it’s a pretty interesting dilemma one Texas school finds itself in which allowed their school district to basically disrespect the President of the United States but honor his predecessor.

The Arlington Independent School District (AISD) didn’t allow the live broadcast of the President’s “Stay-in-school” speech to any of its students. Yet, no one is raising an eyebrow to the fact that on Sept. 21, the district’s fifth-graders will be bussed to the new Dallas Cowboy stadium to hear former President George W. Bush and his wife Laura talk as part of a youth education program sponsored by the Super Bowl committee.
AISD has said that children will need the permission of their parents to attend. Yet, as everyone knows that’s a common practice for whenever any child goes on a field trip.
It’s a safe bet that these children who will be going are far less interested in hearing Bush speak than seeing the inside of the recently opened state-of-the-art football stadium.
But though the venue is the real appeal for the trip, the Superintendent of AISD needs to explain what the difference is between chauffeuring students to hear a former president and forbidding students to watch our current President.
The message that these particular children are receiving is disturbingly disappointing — that’s it’s ok to tune out our current president but listen to a former one.
In all fairness, and though it would rightfully piss off these fifth-graders, if students were not given the opportunity to hear President Obama on their campuses then neither should they be bussed to hear a former president.
Given that the theme of the event is education, chances are Bush’s comments will be aligned with Obama’s remarks.
Though this arrangement was probably set up long before the unexpected parental reaction to Obama’s speech, it sends a wrong message to children that they don’t have to listen to President Obama.
The fact that he is Commander-in-Chief of our country is minimized by such a thoughtless move on the part of AISD’s superintendent.
There is only one acting President in this country at a time. While all presidents deserve respect, there is only one that commands respect. That is a fact that has been taught to school children from the beginning of our educational system.
Political differences have no room in the classroom when it comes to listening to our President direct a speech to students.
It is a poor message that AISD is sending its students and even worse — it’s a poor example of citizenship.