Video: Hunger hitting low-income Latinos in California the hardest

Screen shot 2012-07-23 at 11.47.01 AM

LatinaLista — California may be known as the state where make-believe can turn into big bucks but there’s nothing make believe about California having one of the highest number of people who are going hungry.

The University of California at Los Angeles for Health Policy Research released a report that found one in six Californians had trouble feeding themselves. The statistic may not mean anything but the raw number of almost 4 million people who couldn’t afford to buy food should hit everyone as a grim reality of today’s economy.

At a time when happy endings are hard to come by in this economy, the featured video by PressTV underscores just how difficult a time some Californians are having — and if it’s happening in California, it’s happening elsewhere in the country too.


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