Website commemorates 89th anniversary of passage of the 19 Amendment (Women’s right to vote)


LatinaLista — August 26, 2009 is the 89th anniversary of women getting the right to vote. Otherwise, known as the 19th Amendment.
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To celebrate this very important democratic milestone in our nation’s history, HerStory Scrapbook compiled over 900 links to articles, editorials, and letters in The New York Times Archive for the last four years of the fight for women’s suffrage.
Starting with 1917 and going through 1920, visitors can read photocopied articles taken from the pages of the New York Times during those pivotal years.

From 1917 – 1920, The New York Times published over 3,000 articles, editorials, and letters about the women who were fighting for, and against, suffrage. The HerStory Scrapbook includes more than 900 of the most interesting pieces from that period. It is the equivalent of having had someone save articles from The Times in a scrapbook for prosperity.

It is a great site to bookmark, share, review and wonder why after 89 years we aren’t farther along than we are.