Intrn’l Video: Kayakers brave Chilean waterways for extreme fun

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LatinaLista — In light of the stress the nation has felt over the last several months, there is a need to let off some steam. What better way than through extreme sporting, like kayaking?

While kayaking may not normally fit the definition of extreme sports, it can when calm, mirror-smooth waters are replaced with foamy, rushing waves and stomach-churning drops off water cliffs into whirlpools of rushing water. Such extremes in the environment is what hardened kayakers find in Chile and is the subject of a short film titled “Breathless in Chile.”

The film is an entry in Kayak Session Magazine‘s 2012 short film competition. Viewers follow the kayakers, who are from the United Kingdom, as they walk through beautiful Chilean countryside to put their kayaks into pristine waters that turn from one extreme to the other in a matter of minutes.

It is an interesting look at a sport that doesn’t usually get a lot of attention but highlights how without nature, this is one sport that wouldn’t be a sport at all.

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