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Spotlight Non-profit: Giving students the opportunity to change the world

LatinaLista — At one point or another, most people want to know they made a difference in the lives of others. For young people involved in a unique program called City Year, that knowledge comes early in life.
Founded in 1988 by two college roommates, City Year was created with the belief that young people can change the world — and they have 10 months to do it, or longer if they really like it.

City Year unites young people (ages 17-24) of all backgrounds for a year of full-time service, giving them the skills and opportunities to change the world. As tutors, mentors and role models, these diverse young leaders help children stay in school and on track, and transform schools and communities across the United States, as well as through international affiliates in Johannesburg, South Africa and London, England.

Along the lines of a domestic Peace Corps, City Year operates in 20 locations around the United States. Students wishing to join must meet certain criteria, submit an application, provide letters of reference and commit to 1700 hours of service.
Applicants can either choose to apply to work at a location near their hometown or relocate to another part of the country. City Year provides all the information about housing assistance and the service projects in each location on their web site for applicants who have been accepted into the program. A bi-weekly stipend is paid to City Year corps members.
Since it was created, City Year has:

  1. Served 1,135,000 children
  2. Completed more than 23.2 million hours of service
  3. Graduated more than 13,700 alumni
  4. Engaged more than 1,066,000 citizens in service

City Year believes young people can make a difference. As their tagline reads:

give a year. change the world.

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