Contest Awards Round-trip Airline Tickets to Latino Students who Study at Colleges Far From Home

LatinaLista — Checked the cost of gas lately?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re driving or flying — it costs mucho más! While that’s bad news already, it’s certainly bad news for those families who have children attending college far from home. The separation between child and parents can be hard for both and can potentially impact the success of the student.
Couple that separation with the likelihood of families foregoing seeing each other more than they normally would because of the cost of gas and it’s safe to assume there will be a lot of homesick students and parents.
To help ease the separation, Southwest Airlines and the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU) have joined forces again this year to provide Latino families the chance to win free airline tickets to wherever their child is in school.
The Lánzate — “Dandole Alas a Tu Exito/Giving Flight to Your Success” annual program awards an eligible undergraduate or graduate student to receive between one and four roundtrip tickets for him/herself and/or parent to use when traveling to/from the university in any of the 64 Southwest Airlines destinations.
Winners will be chosen by national education advocates and community leaders who will look at the student’s grades, financial need and a required essay.
The deadline to enter the contest is May 30, 2008. Those who receive the airline tickets will be notified by email the week of July 28, 2008.
To enter, visit the HACU website.