Latino parents now have bilingual online toolkit to recognize and help with their children’s learning disabilities

LatinaLista — While all Latino parents want to see their children succeed in school, not all recognize the signs that point to learning disabilities. Even worse, they may not know where to find information that can help them and their children — especially Spanish-speaking parents.

This week, the National Center for Learning Disabilities made their website’s online parent toolkit available in Spanish to help parents with children who suffer with learning disabilities (LD).

The National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD) launched an extensive toolkit and informational campaign in Spanish to help families detect the signs of LD, work with their children to develop and enhance skills, and be an advocate for their children at school.

This comprehensive toolkit is the first-of-its-kind for Hispanic families, with over three-dozen Spanish-language resources available including an interactive guide to help parents detect learning disabilities and recommendations for helping young children overcome barriers to early reading.

The toolkit is only the first part of the initiative to empower Spanish-speaking parents. “Additional Spanish-language resources will be launched in the coming months, to create what will be the largest online learning disabilities resource nationwide.”