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New revelations of ICE’s abuse of authority surface in case of deported student

LatinaLista — Last week’s failure of the Senate Democrats to get the DREAM Act attached as an amendment to the Defense Reauthorization bill was a bitter blow to every student eligible under the DREAM Act to get on with their lives, but it was far more devastating to those students who exposed their legal status to authorities in the hopes of forcing the issue.

Saad Nabeel.jpgEight of these students, who were part of a mass DREAM Act sit-in at the Capitol on July 20, 2010 are due in court on October 1 in Washington, D.C..

Saad Nabeel
(Photo by Shehab Uddin / Der Spiegel)

It’s then when they’ll hear what their fate is to be — either be given a temporary reprieve to stay in the United States with their families or be deported to countries some of them don’t even remember.

Yet while the failure to move on the DREAM Act, for the time-being, was devastating news for these students it was earth-shattering for those students already deported and trying their hardest to convince the federal government they deserve to come back.

One student is Saad Nabeel. We featured Saad’s letter to President Obama as part of the DREAM Act series but Saad wrote Latina Lista today to share a recent story that was done about his case by the Texas Civil Rights Review, along with, a new video he has filmed addressing critics who have actually written this young man to tell him he doesn’t deserve to come back to the United States from Bangladesh.

Unfortunately, it appears to have become a new American pasttime to throw verbal bombs at these young people and others considered undocumented immigrants. But in true American fashion, Saad isn’t going to take unwarranted attacks lying down.

He’s speaking out to set the record straight, naming those directly responsible for abusing their authority and asking again to be allowed to return home to the United States.

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