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New poll shows Latino parents still hesitant to have “THE sex talk” with their kids

LatinaLista — A new poll released by New York University’s Silver School of Social Work’s Center for Latino Adolescent and Family Health (CLAFH) and Planned Parenthood shows that 82 percent of parents are having a “sex talk” with their children.

Young Latina becomes a mother too soon.

The problem is most of them are not having “THE sex talk.”

The poll of 1,111 fathers and mothers of children, aged 10 to 18 found that only 74 percent of parents are comfortable enough to talk to their children about how to say no to sex. The number is even lower for talking about condoms or other birth control measures, 60 percent.

Professor Vincent Guilamo-Ramos, co-director of CLAFH, who assisted in the analysis of the findings said, “This poll shows that parents are very concerned about keeping their kids safe and healthy. We also know from previous studies that young people whose parents effectively communicate about sex are more likely to delay sex, have fewer partners, and use contraception if they do have sex.

“It’s clear that it is extremely important for parents to lay the groundwork early, and talk to their kids often and openly. Parents need clear guidance on how to make conversations about sex with their adolescent children effective.”

Dr. Guilamo-Ramos’ Center for Latino Adolescent and Family Health has created a bilingual program for download to help parents and teens discuss those hard, intimate issues that need to be addressed before an unexpected pregnancy happens to a family.

Research has proven that parents can make a difference in the decisions their children make — all it takes is time, consistency, talking to both sons and daughters, having the right kind of information and guidance and lots of love and patience.

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