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New site lets Spanish-speakers sign up to receive wireless AMBER alerts

LatinaLista — While English is the main language of the United States, the second most widely used language is Spanish.
So it makes sense that when there is an urgent situation that needs ALL of the public’s attention and help, that the information is in Spanish, as well as, English.
One of those situations is when a child is abducted.

Thanks to the nationwide Amber Alert program, many children’s lives have been saved.

Since its creation, the AMBER Alert program has helped reunite more than 390 children with their families, and 14 to 20 percent of all AMBER Alert activations in the last three years have involved Hispanic children.

When wireless Amber Alerts were made available to the public, the opportunity to save even more children grew. Yet, the wireless alerts were only available in English — until now.
A new Spanish-language component of the Wireless Amber Alerts web site brings the same opportunity to save a child’s life to Spanish-speakers.
At the Spanish site, like the one in English, visitors can register to receive free wireless alerts on their cell phones.
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Since the first 3 hours after an abduction are critical in finding the child, the more eyeballs on the lookout for the child, the abductor, the car, etc. , the greater the chance at finding the child before too much harm is done to him/her.
During crisis situations like these, it doesn’t matter what language information is relayed in — only that it is and it’s understood.

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