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Victoria Beckham’s secret fertility regimen — tortillas and beans

LatinaLista — For most of us, it’s not a hard sell to eat tortillas and beans, especially if those tortillas are homemade.
Hmmm, nothing like a warm corn tortilla just off the griddle oozing with melted butter.
But the idea that tortillas and beans are also good fertility foods sheds a whole new light on the staple combo on the table of many Latino families.

Super skinny Victoria Beckham
But it must be so because the “skinny” on US-based Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham, is that she is now eating tortillas and beans so she can get pregnant again.
In an article in Mexico’s El Universal, it seems Beckham and her soccer star hubby want another baby, a girl if they could choose. So, since her current weight isn’t healthy enough to support a pregnancy, she is fattening herself up — on tortillas and beans.
In fact, it’s reported that her new favorite dish is cheese enchiladas made with corn tortillas. She feels this new regimen will get her pregnant a lot quicker.
Seeing that we Mexican Americans do hold the record for having the most children per family, there probably should be a warning label attached to this new appreciation of our cuisine — be careful what you wish for.

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