From immigrant moms to queer mothers, new e-card tool creates Mother’s Day cards for today’s unique families

LatinaLista — The definition of family has not only evolved — as evident by President Obama’s recent declaration about same-sex marriage — but has expanded to include those not usually seen on Hallmark cards. Take for instance mothers.

Everyone knows that not all moms are the same but given the lack of variety in choosing Mother’s Day cards, who would know that? One organization knew that and decided to do something special for moms that don’t fit the traditional definition of “Hallmark card” moms.

Strong Families, who have made it their mission to fight for so-called “untraditional” families getting the recognition they deserve, has created the Strong Families Initiative to highlight mothers usually left out of mainstream mother’s day celebrations.

The Initiative partnered with talented artists to create a free e-card tool that let’s people create their own special Mother’s Day cards for their moms, for whom the cards at the store just don’t capture the spirit or soul of their moms.

The cards featured in the Initiative targeted moms of: queer families, mamas of color, immigrant moms and activist moms. Readers can pick from 18 designs, personalize the message and then send it to their mom or favorite women in their lives they love like a mom.

The creators of the cards say they have but one goal:

Our goal is visibility for the many kinds of mamas out there — and messages that are about more than just commercialism.

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