Video: Futurist Juan Enriquez asks viewers to consider seeing social media as the new tattoo


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LatinaLista — What does big data, tattoos and immortality have in common? They are the elements of an eye-opening TEDx talk delivered by Futurist Juan Enriquez. Enriquez is used to thinking about the broader picture and in this particular talk he challenges listeners to take a fresh look at today’s social media, its capabilities and what that impact has on every human who uses it.

According to Enriquez, today’s social media platforms are very similar to tattoos in that they are public, they draw attention to ourselves and they have lasting power. Presenting social media in this light, Enriquez forces the listener to evaluate their use of social media, not so much for privacy sake, but in determining the size of the ‘electronic tattoo’ each person is creating.

To help people manage their electronic tattoos, Enriquez provides five helpful lessons that underscore just how much big data, tattoos and immortality intersect to make our lives ‘unforgettable.’