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Newspaper database unveils 13,000 publications published across the globe

LatinaLista — Since the Internet age began, predictions about the disappearance of newspapers have been as popular as foretelling the Apocalypse. While the newspaper industry has suffered, the state of the news industry is as healthy as ever. Newspapers are still being produced and read, alongside, their online counterparts — and anyone can check those facts with a quick look at a new database dubbed NewsTornado Newspaper-Collection.

Updated daily by a group known as NewsTornado s.r.n, the database contains information on 13,000 newspapers across the globe. Broken down by continent, newspapers for each country are listed by location, distribution, circulation numbers, language and a link to their online publication, if they have one. The site also features an option to translate each online newspaper from the native language into one of ten foreign languages via Google translate.

And if there’s still doubt about the state of the news industry, there’s one feature that immediately shows the global hunger for news — the circulation map. Different colored dots blanket the continents pinpointing where newspapers/news sites are alive, well — and being read!

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