Intrn’l Video: Inspirational documentary about blind Brazilian ballerinas illustrates “beauty of perseverance”


LatinaLista — Featured before on this site, the Brazilian documentary “Looking at the Stars” deserves another look-see — ironic choice of words since the main characters themselves are blind.

Looking at the Stars or Olhando pras Estrelas is about the first and only ballet school for the blind located in São Paulo, Brazil. Discovered by Latina Lista when it was a Kickstarter project, the campaign exceeded its goal and is on its way to being an inspirational documentary with a summer release date.

The film began as an USC thesis documentary made by Alexandre Peralta.

This film is about young people and how passion has driven them to do something that seemed unreachable. It’s important to see these characters outside of the dance school, interacting with other people and places. This film is not only about the beauty of dance; it is also about the beauty of perseverance.

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