Intrn’l Video: Remote Mexican jungle brings out extreme cinematography in shooting extreme sport

Screen shot 2013-06-26 at 12.27.34 PM

LatinaLista — Rowing over a side of a raging waterfall is an extreme sport by itself that commands attention but mix in a little cinematic artistry, local culture and a narrative delivered in a haunting voice and what results is a short film that stays with you long after the filming stops.

Cascada, a film by Forge Motion Pictures, is about the hunt in the remote Mexican jungle in the state of Veracruz for the perfect waterfall…and the perfect shot. In this film, passion exists on both sides of the camera — the kayakers and their quest to find the highest, most challenging waterfall and the filmmaker’s passion to go to any length to capture it at the perfect angle — and the perfect height!

It’s a story that combines two adventures, happening at the same time, into one.

CASCADA from NRS Films on Vimeo.

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