Intrn’l Video: The bio-diversity of South America takes center stage in continent’s unique gardens


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LatinaLista — The BBC has an unique travel show titled “Around the World in 80 Gardens.” As you can guess, the host of the show travels to different countries not to take in the tourist sites, or the unusual cuisine or even the mysterious, scary remnants of the region’s past but to stroll through gardens.

It’s the host’s contention that the best way to discover a people is by strolling through their gardens. Not sure about that but it is a relaxing way to visit a country and see how manmade art can enhance Mother Nature.

In the featured episode, the host, Monty Don, is visiting gardens in Rio de Janeiro and Manaus, Brazil, Santiago, Chile and Buenos Aires, Argentina. From floating gardens in the Amazon to a seamless garden experience between the outdoors and a private garden in Chile, the show delves into the thinking behind turning landscapes into living works of art on a living canvas.

Not to mention the fact, we all learn something new about a past-time that is as old as the Bible.