Video: Second and third graders create exhibit examining “Immigration Through the Eyes of Children”


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LatinaLista — Though the issue of immigration has sporadically dominated the headlines over the last few years, there’s still a segment of the population for whom the issue doesn’t mean a whole lot — children.

Unless a child has seen his/her parents actually entangled in the process, immigration is just a word. However, a group of second and third graders at Allen-Field Elementary School in Milwaukee created a project to make the issue easier to understand for their classmates and community.

Participating in the Kid Curators program, where children research, design and create their own classroom museums around a certain topic, the Allen-Field school children decided to create a museum titled “Immigration Through the Eyes of Children.”

The students used interviewing and documentation techniques they learned from artists to create videos of family and community immigration stories, which can be viewed in the gallery. Other artwork by Allen-Field students featured in the exhibit includes a life-size immigration fence decorated with stories, photos and crosses representing student ties to the Mexico-United States border crossing.

The featured video shows the commitment of both faculty and students in putting the exhibit together and how it impacted all of the children who saw it.

Kid Curator Latino Immigration Museum, 2nd and 3rd Grade from Linda D'Acquisto on Vimeo.